About Us


Lucky Cat Co. was founded by me (Aimee) in 2018 from my little flat in sunny Brighton. I had been working as a chef in various of Brightons' veggie and vegan restaurants for the previous 15 years and was ready for something different.

I decided I wanted to bring a product to the market that tasted rich and delicious but that didn't contain any animal ingredients or refined sugar. Just to add to the challenge I decided to make everything gluten free, soya free and palm oil free as well!

I was also adamant that I didn't want to use plastic in the packaging. This has perhaps been the hardest challenge. I am currently using a material made out of plants that will biodegrade under home conditions. I sadly came to realise this is not the case for many materials that claim to be biodegradable.  

The plant based alternatives whilst good for the environment are not very effective in creating the air and moisture barrier that plastic does so well. This means my products have a much shorter shelf life than many of my competitors and it has been a struggle to convince some retailers to stock it. But I like challenge and I am constantly looking for solutions so watch this space!

I began with three flavours of fudge but over the past 2 years this has expanded to seven regulars and many guest stars that run for a limited time. They are all available in little packets or as cute gift boxes which make great presents. I have also begun making other sweet treats, including millionaires shortbread. This has been a favourite of mine ever since I can remember and I have been working on a vegan version for probably about 10 years! It makes me really happy to see it now going all over the country.

My working life was revolutionised when I had the idea to stick a wooden spoon in  the end of a drill. I had blown up many  hand blenders trying to beat the thick  fudge  and my arms were constantly sore  from hand stirring vat after vat. The drill spoon invention changed all of this, and I also have to admit that I enjoy being able to  tell people I drill fudge for a living! 

I use only natural, unprocessed and mainly organic ingredients. Magical raw cacao butter is used as the base for most things and coconut sugar and maple syrup are my sweeteners. Although they are still sugars, they are much easier on the body than refined sugars.

The main driving force behind my creations is to show that eating a vegan diet does not mean you have to sacrifice on quality or taste. I hope that the more yummy vegan options there are, the less the demand for animal based versions there will be.

As for the name, well I am a fully certified cat lady and the proud adopted human of  two wonderful, mischief making  black cats - Indiana and Ziggy Cleary.  It couldn't really have been anything else!