Vegan white chocolate bars coming soon!!!


Good vegan white chocolate is hard to come by and I miss it! I have been dabbling with it for many years now and have had a semi decent product that I use to decorate / top various things, but it hasn't been good enough so far to be a stand alone product.

However I decided I need to rectify this. I have probably made over 100 mini bars in the last few days alone in my attempt to make the bar of my dreams.

It really is like a science lab in my kitchen right now. Recipes/equations scribbled on everything. I have found that just altering an ingredient by a few grams has a huge effect on the finished product. I have never played with something so precise before!

I am using maple syrup as the sweetener, and high quality Madagascan Vanilla paste. This is mixed with organic raw cacao butter and a some coconut milk powder to give it the creaminess it needs.

I am happy with the flavour but the texture is not quite there yet. So it looks like another day of experiments is in order. I can't wait to nail this and send it out to people!! 

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