New Collaborations!

There are two exciting collaborations taking place in Lucky Cat land.Firstly the fudge is being included in Mays Cattitude boxes! These are gift boxes for cat lovers and their cats. They can be ordered as a one off or you can subscribe and receive a box with different goodies in it every month. The boxes contain gifts for both you and your cat and I think I might have to treat myself and my boys to one next month! You can check them out at                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Secondly I have  teamed up  with local florists - Bunches of Sussex and you will now be able to order fudge alongside your flowers. I am really excited about this for a several reasons, firstly it is great to be teamed up with another Sussex business - and one that shares many of the same values as me. None of the packaging contains plastic and their gift cards even contain wild flowers seeds! How cool is that? Your purchase will go on to help the bees the following spring. Secondly I love flowers  so it makes me happy to think of the fudge accompanying them on their journeys! I You can find them at






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